Search Engine Optimisation


Too many times web page designers build an attractive web site but fail to invest the time in creating the conditions that will mean the site becomes prominent within the major search engines and therefore the site does not get the traffic it deserves. The reason for this is because Search Engine Optimisation is not an 'overnight' activity. It is an iterative process that takes place over weeks and months. It requires careful analysis of web tracking statistical data and testing to find out what works and what doesn't.


At Synergistics Consulting we understand what needs to be done to drive increased traffic to your site from the audience you seek to serve and how to turn that traffic into increased Sales.

By optimising the code and content of your site, you will not only improve your rankings and bring in more visitors. You will also provide those visitors with the right content, and make it easier for them to find what they want. In other words, your optimised website will bring in more of the people who are looking for precisely the products, information, and services you provide.

Business Performance Improvement


Our main practitioner, Charles Courtney is by background an experienced Performance Improvement & Change Implementation Management Consultant. 30 years of consulting and working with over 100 businesses has given him a thorough understanding of what makes businesses tick.

From business analysis, process mapping, creation of management control systems and the planning & implemention of solutions to business problems. Skilled in change management as well as monitoring, measuring and evaluating improvements.

Excel Modelling & System Building


We have strong skills in the design, construction & development of complex business models and tools in Microsoft Excel & VBA

We possess excellent data manipulation & statistical analysis skills.

We have been instrumental in the development of many advanced Microsoft Excel based management reporting packages, management control systems and business tools and decision making models / simulations.

CPC Marketing Campaigns


Increasing traffic to your web site is brought about by two main methods:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (to increase organic or natural search rankings) See our SEO service opposite.

  2. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising with the likes of Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.


All too often these campaigns are poorly set-up and become an expensive and inefficient means of gaining new customers.


We can lead you through the steps involved in creating an effective CPC campaign or improve an existing campaign that you have previously had running.


The beauty of a digital advertising campaign over traditional print advertising is the ability to exactly measure the return on investment and quickly ascertain which adverts your customers respond to continuosly improve the conversion rate through split testing of ads.

You can also tailor the campaigns to directly target specific age groups, locations, communities, registered interests and device types.